Why would you want to include a virtual tour in your home marketing efforts? Better asked, why wouldn't you? Nowadays, buyers don't even look at online listings if they don't include a virtual tour. Did you know that?

How Do Virtual Tours Work?

Virtual tours take you inside the home and give you a 360-degree view. These are called "spins". They are interactive, meaning you click the mouse and it takes you to the ceiling, the floor, the walls, leaving no inch of the room unviewed. Click here to see a demo.

How Many Spins Should You Order & What Does it Cost?

  • Two spin minimum. Every virtual tour should consist of a minimum of two spins. Even a small 800-square-foot condo can be shot on a two-spin tour: the living room and the clubhouse / pool area, for example.

    Cost: Less than $100.

  • Three or four spin homes. These are suitable for larger homes of approximately 2,000 sq. ft. or more and priced at less than a million. The number of rooms or areas that you select to feature will depend on the layout, number of stories and curb appeal.

    Cost: $200 or less for four spins.

  • Five or more spin homes. Larger numbers of spins are generally reserved for the homes valued at more than a million dollars. Buyers want to see the guest houses, the wine cellars, the indoor pool & spa facilities, the libraries, media rooms, gyms, studios, the 18-car garages and helicopter ports.

    Cost: Fees vary but typicall under $300.

What To Expect

  • One of our Professional Photographers will contact you to schedule an appointment. We will also send you a list of things to consider when staging the house for a photo shoot. Typically the shoot will take under one hour.
  • You will need to move excess furniture out of the rooms that we are shooting. They can be moved just outside of the cameras' view. You want the space clean, open, clutter-free and to appear much larger than it is.
  • We will take care of the important stuff like determining focus and viewpoints; identifying the most interesting elements of your home; arranging the order of the tour, etc.

Added Features For Virtual Tours

  • All tours include, map, mortgage and neighborhood information.
  • Add a Floorplan so Buyers can see the size and where the different rooms are located in relation to each other.
  • An audio voiceover can highlight the important aspects of the scene.
  • Video is great for hot tubs, water falls and other aspects of your property with motion.

How Does My Property Get Maximum Exposure?

  • We will link the virtual tour to your agent's MLS number.
  • We can create a video of your tour and post it on YouTube.
  • We can post it on CraigsList.com.
  • Upload the tour to local Web sites and your agent's personal Web site.
  • If your Realtor has a custom Web address with the address of your home, we will put the tour there.
  • E-Brochures and printed Flyers can be created on the fly from the tour photos.
  • We will also upload it to Realtor.com, the Web site which gives visitors the option of viewing only those listings with virtual tours (If your Realtor is not a "showcase" member of Realtor.com there is a $25 fee).
  • The tour has links to FaceBook and Twitter as well as for sharing via e-mail.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Contact your Realtor, we probably already have a relationshiop with them.
  • If your Realtor does not want to participate, contact us directly via Email or telephone at 814-571-4042.


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you will love our work, but if for any reason you don't feel that way, we will either recreate it or refund your money! That is how sure we are of our services.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our Pano tours and V-Slides are compatible with PC and MAC desktops as well as Android and iPhone mobile devices. Our players automatically switch between  Java, Flash and the latest HTML 5 to ensure everyone can easily view your tours.